Dans la catégorie “on l’a testé pour vous”, une envolée lyrique de Yannick pour résumer ses impressions de la découverte de l’escalade en Vanoise (hors sortie club cette fois-ci). A lire sur l’air de David :

Didn’t know what time it was the lights were low
I leaned back on my talkie-walkie
Some ibex was layin’ down some rock ‘n’ roll
Then the loud sound did seem to fade
Came back like a slow voice on a wave of phase
That weren’t no climber that was hazy cosmic jive

There’s a stargirl waiting in the sky
She’d like to come and meet us
But she thinks she’d blow our minds
There’s a stargirl flying in the sky
She’s told us not to blow it
‘Cause she knows it’s all worthwhile

And she told us :
Let the mountain do it
Let the climbers use it
Let all the feeling explode

I had to phone someone, so I picked on Peclet-Polset hut
Hey, that’s far out, so the Aussois shelter heard him too!
Switch on the valley, we may pick it up on mountain two
Look out your cave, I can see the Party Lake lights
If we can sparkle, we may land their again tonight
Don’t tell your president at the club or he’ll get us locked up in fright

Nous consulter pour les détails de l’expédition et les explications des anecdotes 🙂